Comstock properties

American Tin Cannery

Located in Pacific Grove, California

The project will strive to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s standards at the Gold Level, while incorporating elements from the original American Tin Cannery and creating a new vision for the old factory building. The thoughtful and sustainable design respects the architectural context of Cannery Row.

The ATC -Pacific Grove is a proposed hotel and commercial project located at 125 Oceanview Boulevard in Pacific Grove, the site of the old American Tin Cannery. The project retains the original factory building with its familiar sawtooth roof. The hotel includes a 121 room Group and Family wing on the lower portion of the property and a 104 room Executive Wing on the upper portion of the property. Additionally, the ATC – Pacific Grove also includes approximately 20,000 square feet of commercial and retail space. There are a total of 290 valet parking spaces on site.


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