About Comstock

Comstock remains committed to achieving customer satisfaction by using creative ergonomic designs, conscientious community planning, and meticulous quality construction. We strive to earn our customer’s trust be delivering on their dream of owning a new home and standing behind our commitments.

Mission Statement

Comstock companies manage a diversified portfolio of real estate throughout California. The company generates superior returns on real estate with a team of experienced associates executing strategic plans through acquisitions, development, marketing and sales.

Key Business Drivers

  • Acquisitions at below market values through diligence and discipline to economic metrics
  • Plan, forecast and budget based on historical and market data
  • Monitor performance using key business metrics and leading indicators
  • Strive for high levels of customer satisfaction with home buyers, tenants and associates
  • Focus on balancing portfolio through acquisition, development and selling property
  • Diversify and balance the real estate portfolio by type and location
  • Invest in company employee retention, training, education and benefits
  • Balance short-term, interim and long-term earnings opportunities
  • Research and seek knowledge on market trends for effective forecasting and planning

Goals and Objectives

Comstock strives to be a leader in the real estate industry with a focus on customer service, efficient quality production, sustainable development and cost-effective management of resources. In addition, Comstock shall continue to invest in residential, commercial and industrial real estate assets to provide diversity in product and location providing a balanced portfolio in all economic cycles.